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Spices & Herbs - American Spice Trading Company



Spices & Herbs - American Spice Trading Company
Fast Delivery

We offer some of the most competitive pricing schedules compared to other distributors of herbs and spices. On top of that we offer customized and fast delivery services that make us the right choice as your spice supplier.

Spices & Herbs - American Spice Trading Company
High Quality Products

American Spice Trading Co. offers a huge selection of over 400 spices, herbs, seasonings, ingredients and custom blends that transform any meal into a flavorful masterpiece.

Spices & Herbs - American Spice Trading Company
Modern Facilities

We are a wholesale company that offers the highest quality of spices, herbs and seeds.  Feel free to browse our site, we carry a large selection of over 400 herbs, spices, baking and food items.

   Private Label & Bulk Packing   

We package and private-label spices, condiments, and blends for many businesses, restaurants, and other retail outlets. Our packaging facility is FDA inspected and can handle your requirements.

Spices & Herbs - American Spice Trading Company

Our Export Department will help with the logistics of documentation, health certificates and transportation, as required by the buyer.

           Shipping & Packing          

We package and ship your orders to any destination. Our packaging facility is FDA inspected and can handle all your requirements. Competitive wholesale prices complemented by low ocean freight rates to all markets provide our clients with quality products and a reliable supply chain that will place their products where and when they need them.

Spices & Herbs - American Spice Trading Company

All our shipments will have, upon request, Health Department certificate of product suitable for human consumption, and Certificate of U.S.A. Origin. We always guarantee excellent quality products and high standard of service

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